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Things I Have Learned - Dr. Michael Heiser

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Things I Have Learned - Dr. Michael Heiser
Things I Have Learned - Dr. Michael Heiser

Things I Have Learned - Dr. Michael Heiser

Why do you and I do what we do?

Why do many of the people we grew up with or find ourselves in the company of think and do what they do?

Why is it that so many people men and women even when advanced in age still act like an immature and foolish High School Student?

Why is it that most of the Christians I know cannot discuss their faith even a little? Which follows that they WILL not discuss their faith with strangers thus fulfilling the Great Commission?

Dr. Michael Heiser who is currently being treated for Pancreatic cancer muses on some of theses subjects:

Things I Have Learned

Posted by MikeHeiser | Oct 14, 2021 | NakedBible

"Don’t take this list the wrong way. Yes, I’m in chemotherapy for cancer, but this isn’t some sort of “last words” post! It just popped into my head today that I ought to make such a list for readers / followers like I did years ago on “Heiser’s Laws for Bible Study” (cf. this link as well). Consequently, this is a doodle just for fun, but serious, too. In no particular order … with explanation where needed …

Things I’ve Learned

1. Most people have never escaped high school.

  • There is great explanatory power in this observation in regard to why people, aged well beyond the teen years, live the way teenagers do (boozing, promiscuity, irresponsible decisions, etc.) and hang out with the same sort of people. They are still in high school in their like-minded high school clique, doing what adolescents do. Everyone is older now, but it’s still high school. In short, they never grow up into thought modes that transcend the assumption that someone else is to blame for their behavior and will bail them out when needed. On the flipside, this ought to teach us something positive. It’s in high school (or college) where we often form our strongest bonds with people. If our churches and adult (Christian or not) relationships cannot compete with that comeraderie, perhaps they are deficient for reasons that ought to be addressed.

2. For scholars: In the academy, being tolerated is not the same as being respected... Things I Have Learned (article link)

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