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Things We Can't Explain: Are We the Only Ones Out There? UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life - Avi Loeb

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life - Avi Loeb

"Avi Loeb tries to explain the unexplainable. New evidence suggests we may not be alone in the universe after all.

The search for extra-terrestrial life is one of the most exciting frontiers in Astronomy. Our civilization will mature once we find out who resides on our cosmic street argues legendary Harvard physicist Avi Loeb. In this talk, find out why we might be a form of life as primitive and common in the cosmos as ants are in a kitchen. And if so, how we can learn a lot from others out there.

Avi Loeb is Professor of Science at Harvard University, working primarily in astrophysics and cosmology. A New-York Times bestselling author, he consistently makes headlines for advocating that the search for intelligent extra-terrestrial life should be mainstream science. The only reason it isn't, he maintains, is unscientific prejudice.

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As Christians we already believe in at least one form of intelligent life that exists that was created before humanity on the Earth. Angels and Demons (Neh. 9:6, Col. 1:16). God's Holy Word also makes it clear there are other possibilities as we see "The Sons of God" mentioned six times in scripture and it is not clear if those entities are Angels or some other type of life. The mere fact that God has created a entire ecosystem from the micro to the macro, and we are only beginning to see the quantum ecosystem and the ecosystem on a cosmic scale, could very easily lead to a belief that there are many other creatures we are not aware of.

Consciousness is now being understood as fundamental to creation and space time may simply be a by product of our collective consciousness.

And there now are hints that much of the "paranormal" creatures etc. we see and interact with are somehow, at least partly, brought into our reality by US!!

As lifelong learners we must consider all that science and other disciplines has to offer in this regard.

There reality is God could have chosen NOT to reveal many parts of his vast creation to us, yet is so much fun to investigate and explore! - Andy

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