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THIS Is Why People Are Leaving the Church! (The Peterson-Barron Conversation)

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Video from Deflate

"Jordan Peterson and Bishop Barron recently had a conversation in which they pinpointed one particular issue that causes people to walk away from the church. I was pleasantly surprised and inspired by their findings which is why I decided to make a video about it and I hope that you will be encouraged by what I’m about to tell you. Basically, they agreed that the church is making it not too hard but too easy for people. Just as Gandalf summoned the hobbits for an adventure in the wild so are we waiting to be invited to an adventure. Christianity is that adventure as it invites us to become like Christ through suffering. However, the problem Peterson and Barron discern is that the church is preaching a shallow kind of happiness instead of the cosmic drama of transformation into Christ’s image through participation in his suffering." from video introduction

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