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"This Note on My Car Showed Me Just How HORRIFYING Pro-Choice Logic Is!" - Mike Winger

Video from Mike Winger

"I have a bumper sticker on my car that occasionally causes pro-choice people to want to interact with me. In this case, someone left a note on my windshield explaining why she thinks I wasn't aborted and thinks it's not only allowable to kill babies in the womb but that it is morally required!" from video introduction.

Sanctity of Human Life

"What could possibly be more valuable than life itself? God, our Creator and Sustainer, sequentially created the world with detail and intention. All of His creation is labeled as “good”, and humanity was granted dominion over his creation (Gen 1:28-30). From the beginning of time, God has deemed human life to be valuable, powerful, and distinct from the rest of creation. Human life is separate. It is unique. It is God’s masterpiece.

In the 21st century, humanity lives in a noisy world. We hear loud opinions, compelling advertisements, and conflicting ideas through a small device in our hands. We are overwhelmed with content, some of which is uplifting to the world, and some of which is destructive. When we come across content related to the sanctity of human life, we often read words written in cold and hostile tones. People are methodical and cerebral as we ruthlessly defend our opinions.

The Sanctity of Human Life is a discussion worthy of cerebral, sturdy, and sensical argumentation. However, it is too important of a discussion to be cold and heartless. The Sanctity of Human Life is a cause that is near to the heart of God. When we talk about life, we must do so aligned with the mind and heart of Jesus.." from the website: Sanctity of Life


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