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Thoughts on Becoming a Proper Kind of Man - Dry Creek Wrangler School

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Video from Dry Creek Wrangler School

Dewayne talks about what it means to be the proper kind of man.

Dry Creek Wrangler School

"Dry Creek Wrangler School is a 5 day program with the goal of helping you better understand your horse which makes you a better rider. In these 5 days you will spend the day with Dewayne and Deanna, attending classroom learning, hands on learning and hear old school wisdom from the horses mouth. This will be an experience like none other. Prepare to learn physiology, instinct and nature of the horse, the importance of communication with your horse, proper ground work, tack, riding, trailering, trail etiquette and more. You do not have to own a horse, or even have any experience to attend our school. Classes are usually limited to 5 students in order to keep them personal, but there are rare exceptions where we can book a family or group of 6. Classes begin on Monday morning (with a Sunday evening arrival) and end on Friday afternoon/evening (with a Saturday departure). Please contact us by phone (931-446-2296) if you are looking to book a spot.." from the website: Dry Creek Wrangler School


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