Three Ways Demons Attack You: Adam Blai

Video from Q Ideas

"The Catholic Church is receiving more requests for exorcisms than ever before, suggesting an unprecedented cultural openness to the spiritual world — both divine and demonic. There are more shows, games, and movies dealing with these concepts, yet most people lack understanding of the demonic realm. Adam Blai trains Catholic priests on how to perform exorcisms, and he’ll invite us to consider how we interact with the spiritual world. Q inspires Christians to stay curious, think well and advance good. Find this full, extended talk, additional resources and similar talks at Q Media. Learn more at" from video introduction.

Right now Demons may be in this room, the room and house you are in.

Adam Blai, a demonologist explains that Demons are bound by God's rules. their normal activity is temptation, to tempt all of us to sin, to deny God, to commit evil. Blai also points out that it is through spiritual struggles that we become stronger. Listen too this short video for more.

"My name is Adam Blai. I have a Masters of Science from Penn State in Adult Clinical Psychology. I have done psychological work in community and forensic settings. I am a peritus of religious demonology and exorcism for the diocese of Pittsburgh and train priests in exorcism on a national level. I am an auxiliary member of the International Association of Exorcists..." from website:

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