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Time to BE a Full Time Christian!!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Full Time or Part Time Christian?

Matthew 24:45-46 Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? 46 It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.

God is at work, he always is.

But are we?

First of we must let God be God. Right now, a major evidence of that is the Pandemic in the world and in our nation. God uses pandemics to change history, to change people. Right now, he is changing you and I and the world.

For decades now the American church has been in decline. Denominations are all but gone, often ineffectual and competing.

Our Politicians Can’t’ Save Us.

Nor will a change in politicians kill God! God has everything under control.

Many Christians (you and I) need to listen to the news and commentaries less and read the Bible and Pray more!!

The current trend amongst people who claim Christianity is to pin their hopes on an Agnostic Opportunistic politician. Claiming God sent Cyrus is not the same as God sending Cyrus. Sighting either right or left is not the direction we should be going. The narrow way is our way.

Forget politics and politicians and look to Christ.

Laziness and too much secular media makes armchair quarterbacks out of many who proclaim the faith. Stop talking and start working and praying.

The Walls of the Pandemic

In the past Christians have entered the lion’s den of disease and helped those suffering while the Pagans ran the other way. Today most Christians are content to stay at home and watch the world go by.

Jesus said, “if you love me you will keep my commands.” One of those commands is the Great Commission with three strong action verbs: go, make, teach. “Go into the world” now faces the exact same barriers as “come unto me.”

Want to tear down some walls and work for social injustice? Then stop discussing these things and go to a legitimate organization and offer to help. Feed people, get cloths for people, give them money, or pray with them. Stop hiding behind the Walls of the Pandemic.

A Call to Action

If you are not already Being a Christian in your church or community than start doing so.

Shouting and Tweeting often do not comprise your Christian witness to the world around you. Right now, many so called Christian pundits and Pastors have become talking heads and alarmists fanning the flames of social unrest. We cannot tell the difference between the Christians and the Pagans.

Your Call to Action is to contact your Pastor and help him any way you can. Most churches in our country do not face death from Covid. Much can still be done.

We need more of Church not less. Restart Wednesday evening prayer meeting via zoom for example. Use your God given imagination and come up with something new or innovative.

Contact the Mayor or city hall or the Ecumenical Council and ask What needs to be done to help people.

Help your neighbor!

Be Prepared for Persecution

Persecution is already here and getting worse. As we move out into this new world we will be criticized. If that happens be courageous. They persecuted Christ and they will do the same with you. Be smart and be persistent in getting out the Gospel in word and in deed.

Now is a unique and special time. What will we do?

Get out and make Disciples!!!!

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