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Time to End Your Secular Truce and Be a Christian in the Public Square

The cross of Christ
Christianity and Culture

A fact of life is all of us speak, think, and act out of our experiences and social position.

None of us are infallible as we are finite human beings with finite knowledge and a limited life. Our beliefs and behaviors are shaped by many factors, sex, skin color, to be sure but also by where we grew up, went to school, our parents, our fears, personality, pride, and ego.

Conservative evangelical Christians speak out of our culture and a specific moment in time, just as do egalitarians, progressives, and all others.

Our danger today is that many Christians have fallen into the trap of letting their lives be less about our Lord, the Bible, and their Christian faith and more about our politics, tribe, country, class, and what our peer groups wants.

The secular truce we all are beholden to requires we keep our faith in our homes, in the background.

And most of us have been all to eager to comply. Actually, having grown up with that culture most Christians don’t realize how far off the radar we are now.

Our Godless culture of sin and evil can in a large part be traced back to us Christians being silent in the face of all the “isms” like postmodernism etc. In fact, we now face the onslaught of not only socialism but Authoritarianism/Fascism but Marxism as well. We are under attack form the so called left and the so called right. We will become either Socialist/Marxist if the Left wins the culture war or become Fascist/Authoritarian if the Right wins the culture war!

Despite what many Christians claim there is no factual evidence God is sending wealthy and arrogant politicians to save us but there is more evidence they are here to punish us.

God and the Spirit has been at work and continues to work in the history and life of the church. We risk losing the Christian heritage God has given us when we ignore the great theologians, preachers, and Saints of the past based on our current obsessions with race, gender, sexuality, and politics.

We may belong to a certain social class of society, God however does not. He knows how to make Himself heard and understood. God exercises His sovereignty and his providence at all times throughout our lives.

We often overlook the difference. Sovereignty describes the attribute of God wherein He is in authority over all things while Providence is the way in which God works out His will in human history. Sovereignty is an attribute; providence is His actions in the world. Providence comes out of His sovereignty by which we mean only a Sovereign can exercise providence.

We know from scripture, from the Book of Esther for example that despite the seeming absence of God in the world God the Father, Christ and the Person of the Holy Spirit are at work.

The reality is we as Christians no longer have any social capital because we have given into the Secular Truce. We are passive and mute in the face of sin and evil. Like ancient Israel we have been given everything, yet we grumble and complain, we sin and dishonor noy only ourselves but Christ! Americans though we have been greatly blessed have demonstrated we cannot manage our prosperity; we succumb to sin when we find comfort.

The time is now for you to stop hiding your faith and start acting like a Disciple of Christ. Study God’s Word, go to a church if you can find one that is Gospel centered, speak out when something is not right or unfair. Be humble not arrogant. Be Christlike in all you do! Use your gifts to help your family and community in the name of our Lord!! What are you waiting for?

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