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TIMELAPSE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (2028 – 3000+) - Todays Tower of Babel?

Video from Venture City

"A documentary and journey into the future exploring the possibilities and predictions of artificial intelligence. This timelapse of the future explores what is coming, from robots that are too fast for humans to see, to A.I. bots from Microsoft (bringing back loved ones to life) and Google’s laMDA (replacing the need for online searches). Elon Musk’s Neuralink goes from a medical and healthcare device, to helping people become superhuman – with intelligence amplification, and add-ons that connect to the brain chip. Artificial general intelligence begins to design an A.I. more powerful than itself. People begin to question if humanity has reached the technological singularity. Artificial Super Intelligence emerges from the AGI. And further into the deep future. Human consciousness becomes digitized and uploaded into a metaverse simulation. It is merged with A.I. creating hybrid consciousness – which spreads across the cosmos. Matrioshka brains and Dyson Spheres host humanity’s consciousness in a cosmic simulation network. Quotes about the future from: James J Hughes Additional footage sourced from: Neuralink, Tesla" from video introduction.

Video from The Tesla Space

Is AI a Threat to Christianity?

"In May, Microsoft unveiled a new supercomputer at a developer conference, claiming it’s the fifth most powerful machine in the world. Built in collaboration with OpenAI, the computer is designed to train single massive AI models in self-supervised learning, forgoing the need for human-labeled data sets. These AI models operate in distributed optimization, resulting in significant improvement in both speed and level of intelligence. This is a major step forward in mimicking the human brain, with the ultimate goal of attaining artificial super-intelligence (ASI), a fruitful outcome from Microsoft’s $1 billion investment in OpenAI in July 2019.

Is achieving ASI hubris? Can artificial intelligence created by humans be superior than human intelligence created by God, displaying man’s supremacy, glory, and independence in himself, apart from his Creator?.." from the article: How Artificial Super-Intelligence Is Today’s Tower of Babel

Man in front of laptop
AI Todays Tower of Babel

How should Christians approach and think about AI?

"..Because AI will affect so many areas of life, Christians need to be prepared to maximize the benefits of such technology, take the lead on the question of machine morality, and help to limit and eliminate the possible dangers.

“As Christians, we need to be prepared with a framework to navigate the difficult ethical and moral issues surrounding AI use and development,” says Jason Thacker, who headed the AI Statement of Principles project for ERLC. “This framework doesn’t come from corporations or government, because they are not the ultimate authority on dignity issues, and the church doesn’t take its cues from culture. God has spoken to us in his Word, and as his followers, we are to seek to love him and our neighbors above all things (Matt. 22:37-39).” from the article:

The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About Artificial Intelligence


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