Tools for Becoming Wise - Krista Tippet

Video from Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

"Award-winning broadcaster and author Krista Tippett discusses how to use "spiritual technologies"—backed up by neuroscience—that are available to all of us in our everyday lives. "We possess intelligence. We possess consciousness," says Tippett in this inspiring clip. "And we have this capacity as human beings to take this further step to become wise, which leavens intelligence and I think has an ability to advance evolution in the direction we want it to go." from video introduction.

Jesus learned from the Scriptures, from his mother, in community through the power of the Holy Spirit, and he increased in wisdom by observing everyday life and how to navigate and appreciate God’s world. We can do the same. God is present during your long, arduous maturation process. As time moves forward you are tasting the growing pains that Jesus knows very well. And he stands ready to help you persevere until God’s process in your life is complete.

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