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Toppling Idols in the Public Square

Satanic Idols have no place in a state capitol building or anywhere else.

But the Satan that vexes us is not that statue but is an evil circling each of us.

Will we topple the evil in our souls?

Christian Military Vet Says He Decapitated Satanic Statue In State Capitol

"A military veteran says he decapitated the head of a statue Thursday put on display by The Satanic Temple (TST) at the Iowa State Capitol.

The statue was that of Baphomet, the body of a man and the head of a goat, which TST placed in the state capitol building earlier in December in opposition to the Nativity scene that was also on display. Michael Cassidy, a former Navy pilot and Christian, said he beheaded the statue and threw the head in a trashcan before turning himself in to the police, according to The Sentinel..." from the article: Christian Military Vet Says He Decapitated Satanic Statue In State Capitol

Doug Wilson gives us a thought provoking analysis of the recent toppling of a Satanic idol at the Idaho state capitol building.

Toppling the Cosplay Satan | Doug Wilson

Video from Blog & Mablog

Toppling Idols in the Public Square

"There is always some crazy story to write about, isn’t there? So over the last few weeks, this happened. A Satanist group arranged to have a Satanist display erected in the Iowa State Capitol building. Iowa. This garnered attention in the first instance for obvious reasons, and also because a state representative, Jon Dunwell (also a pastor) said that this was a grand display of pluralism, and that we should all be good with it. Let each one be fully persuaded in his own mind, as the apostle said.

And then things moved to the next level when Michael Cassidy engaged in a mostly peaceful act of deconstruction. He toppled and beheaded this cartoon Satan, believing that if something needed to be done, then why shouldn’t he be the one to do it? And why not now?

Someone then made the whole thing a little bit more festive, as if that were necessary, by putting one of Canon’s “Christ is Lord” stickers on the forehead of the toppled idol. We can think of no better application, and are quite tempted to let this be the sum and substance of our commentary.

But alas. Some Christians still need to be reminded that Satanic idols in the public square should be considered as a bad thing, and should not be treated as though it were a good testimony to our commitment to pluralism and diversity. The reason this reminder is necessary is that there is another idol, and a much better looking one, that has been erected in the hearts and minds of not a few American Christians. This shinier idol, meaning the myth of a neutral secularism, has not yet gotten the Cassidy-treatment, although it has been begging for that treatment for some years now." from video introduction

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