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Transhumanism is Satanism with a Brain Chip - Timothy Alberino & Joe Allen

Video from Timothy Alberino

"Timothy Alberino and Joe Allen discuss the satanic roots of transhumanism. Quote from Joe Allen's article: Technology has inspired a dark religion, obsessed with power. This is mechanical sorcery for the modern adept on the go. Through its miracles, the naked ape is granted clairvoyance (weather apps), telepathy (texting), remote viewing (surveillance cameras), deadly curses (autonomous drones), and even tantric rites (sexbots). Transhumanists are reaching for loftier powers, though—virgin birth from artificial wombs, virtual astral planes, sentient social robots, and deified artificial intelligence. TIME magazine’s “Transhuman of the Year,” Elon Musk, warned that the runaway advance of artificial intelligence is “summoning the demon.” The mother of his child, a techno-pagan known as Grimes, has even written hymns to this Super Computer God. Worried that Homo sapiens will soon be overshadowed, Musk is pouring money into an implantable brain-computer interface, Neuralink, so we may commune with this AI deity. Looking far down the road, the most ambitious transhumanists long to transcend death itself through radical life-extension, or even mind uploading—the replication of your soul’s pattern in immortal silicon. It’s like Instagram, only forever. Anytime the gods demand sacrifice and devotion, transhumanists demand immediate gratification. If that means storming the gates of heaven with brain-implants and hoverboards, then so be it. Read the rest of the article here:" from video introduction.

We know our world is breaking down.

We know human beings are wicked and depraved, even the best of us.

What we won't do is admit we are all the worst of sinners and each of us have contributed to what the world is today for good or ill!

Yet there is hope!

Having said that we must also remember that the Kingdom of God reigns and nothing we or Satan can do will alter his plans and justice.

But we must do our part each and every day through our obedience, prayers, confessions and repentance.

Once again mankind attempts to build the Tower of Babel and as before Satan and his Demons are working diligently through outright evil, the delusion of Aliens/UFOs etc., the sin of man and so much more. We cannot on our own as Christians combat The Prince and Powers of the Air.

This video presents a point of view, grist for the mill as we seek to understand.

Of the many ways mankind corrupts itself with the help of Satan is Transhumanism.

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. Let us pray and ask our Lord for his guidance on this subject. - Andy

"Our technology is the way we will save ourselves in this fallen materialistic world. That is the New/Old Age idea many have signed up for.

Take time and watch this video as it

"Let me tell you a personal secret. I sense something satanic in The Machine. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s from watching too much TV. Since its invention, the hypnotic Cyclops has swirled with techno-dystopias, and I watched plenty growing up. Or it could’ve been my Southern Baptist upbringing, with tall tales of implanted 666 microchips controlled by the digital Beast. It’s hard to tell. This suspicion certainly didn’t start as an intellectual premise. For decades, my instincts told me something demonic lurks in advanced technology—from nuclear warheads to nanobots—and it’s never gone away. Many others feel the same. Call us natural born Luddites. The thing is, sometimes you have to trust your gut. All primates fear snakes, by nature, and for good reason. The same goes for innate technophobia. Even if the mind’s eye projects weird faces onto TV static—like a caveman imagining a panther in the woods—that doesn’t mean there aren’t real demons behind the glowing screen..." from the article by Joe Allen: Transhumanism is Satanism with a Brain Chip

Transhumanism Is Yet Another Temptation to Play God

"...Shatzer defines transhumanism as a movement whose goal is to transform humanity by improving human intelligence, physical strength, and the five senses by technological means. Transhumanism “enables us to overcome our biological and genetic inheritance” (40). Shatzer boils this popular concept down to two fundamental principles. First, optimism that humanity can overcome our own humanity, and second, that each individual has the fundamental right to pursue these enhancements (53).

While this might seem like a sci-fi novel or the plot of a new Hollywood thriller, many in the technology field currently are pursuing a way to overcome the limitations of humanity and enable us to attain god-like powers. Popular thinkers such as Yuval Noah Harari (author of Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow) and Nick Bostrom predict that we’ll transcend our human limitations or be outpaced by an intelligence greater than ours. Humanity must either upgrade or be left in the wake of progress...While some Christians will recast transhumanism in biblical terms, the movement as a whole is fundamentally opposed to an orthodox and biblical understanding of humanity. Our ultimate need is redemption, not reinvention. Shatzer reveals that many Christian transhumanists operate with at least an implicit debt to open and process theology, which states that God is ultimately open, improving, and adapting, like creation (97). But this theology is at odds with the God who is the unchanging basis for all knowledge and truth. God isn’t open and risky; he’s sovereign and omnipotent. In a world of shifting sand, he is the rock to which we can cling for hope and redemption...Christians must reject our culture’s assumptions that true dignity and worth is derived from the economic utility of human life. God’s image is the basis for human dignity. Humanity isn’t something for us to shed or transcend, but something to embrace as ones marked by the bloody and beaten body of a man who overcame death by the power of the Spirit. Christ wasn’t raised from the dead in order for us to transcend our humanity, but rather to restore us to our true humanity—to a right relationship with the unchanging and all-powerful God. Our human limitations are a blessing rather than a curse, for they remind us that there is only one Homo Deus, and his name is Jesus Christ." from the article: Transhumanism Is Yet Another Temptation to Play God

Book cover
Transhumanism and the Image of God

"Known as the modern-day Indiana Jones, Timothy Alberino is a consummate explorer. His inquisitive mind and insatiable appetite for adventure have led him all over the planet in search of lost cities, lost civilizations, hidden treasures, and legendary creatures. He is also an avid researcher and published author whose scholarly pursuits are as daring as his expeditions. After years of rigorous study, Alberino has garnered an expansive knowledge base that enables him to dissertate with authority on a wide variety of esoteric topics, including theories on alternative history; ancient mythologies, megalithic architecture; giants, Bigfoot, and other cryptids; UFOs and alien abduction; transhumanism and emerging technologies; occult conspiracy; and Christian eschatology." from his website:

Joe Allen's website: Singularity Weekly

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