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Understanding Guys - Doug Wilson

Video from Blog & Mablog

"In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson continues his series of letters to a fictional niece about the relationship between the sexes, this time discussing tips for understanding guys.

"Heterosexual relationships are always cross-cultural, bilingual situations. You come from different worlds." Blog and Mablog is presented by Canon Press.

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"Dear Darla,

In order to interact with guys generally, in order to date one of them, and in order to marry one, it is highly recommended that you have some understanding of what you are getting into.

Now in order to explain to you what you are getting into, I am going to have to generalize. There is nothing wrong with this, so long as you realize that there are exceptions, and that life is not always tidy, and you should not clutch at any generalization, however accurate it might be, as though it were a theorem out of Euclid about triangles having three sides. Triangles always have three sides. Guys are not always the way I will describe for you, but they are usually that way. So budget for exceptions, while at the same time expecting my descriptions to come true, right before your very eyes.

Guys are simple, in a way that women are not. Consequently, you will be tempted to over-analyze everything, and you are accustomed to things being complicated. You have adjusted to those complications, and you think they are normal. You think that guys are doing the same thing. You analyze his brief comment, that comment with a thousand possible meanings, when it was just a brief comment.

When I say that guys are simple, I am not saying that they are stupid. They are very intelligent, and can win wars, and send people to the moon, and build smart phones, and so on. But their intelligence rides on a very different operating platform that your intelligence does. As a general rule, guys think about one thing at a time, like a dog pushing a rock up and down the sidewalk. Breakfast breakfast commute commute work work work work work lunch lunch work work work work work commute commute, dinner, dinner, tv, tv, sleep, sleep, repeat, repeat. If you ask them to do more than the one thing they are currently occupied with doing, it annoys them.

Women can generally do three things at a time, think about two things, talk on the phone about another thing, and all with a baby on their hip. This is a grand mystery, but it is also how the meat loaf, and peas, and mashed potatoes all arrive at the table at the same time, all of them hot..." from the transcript.

Yes this is me!! (as per Doug Wilson's description)

Ok men we have been described and detailed. We struggle to push our rocks hoping not to make anyone upset (especially our wives!) and get the job done. In his typical and witty style Doug Wilson nails it! - Andy


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