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Unidentified Submerged Objects & Their Extreme Technology Part 1

Be Skeptical, Be Objective!

Unidentified Submerged Object
Unidentified Submerged Object

Trans - Medium & What that Means

Trans - medium vehicles can easily travel in-between space, the earth’s atmosphere, and water.

Many UFO/UAP reports include the object moving between earth, sky and water with ease.

Now that people have started to look in earnest for anomalous activity and UFO/USO's videos like the one below are starting to turn up.

The object was fast and untethered and is very deep at almost 6 thousand feet. This is from deep submersible activity in 2019 near an oil platform.

Underwater UFO/USO Caught on Film | Deep Ocean ROV Footage

Video from TahoeDeep

"What do you think it is? Like, comment and subscribe for more deep water exploration footage. Timestamps: - Context from an ROV Operator (00:30) - USO Footage (12:00) - USO Replay (12:40) - USO Slow Motion (13:00) Overview: This USO/UFO footage was filmed with a work class ROV at an ocean depth of 5870 Feet (1789 Meters) in the Gulf of Mexico. While the footage quality isn't excellent, ROV operators that have seen the footage have concluded that it is not organic. The USO was untethered and was operating at a depth that prevented any kind of remote operation. If it was of Russian or Chinese origin, the USO demonstrated advanced AI operation, construction, and power management capabilities that are not known in the commercial ROV world. USOs have been sighted before by commercial ROV pilots, but this is the first footage (as far as we know) to ever see the light of day. " from video introduction

This video from 2019 discusses an encounter with a "fast mover" by a U.S Submarine. Apparently the U.S Navy has a long standing program to track "fast movers" underwater.

Which makes the awareness level of the U.S. Military very high and shows that they constantly keep track of anomalous objects and have for a long time.

USO's Unidentified Submerged Objects with Marc D'Antonio

Video from Curious Droid

"Apr 19, 2018

In this live stream, we will be looking at USO's or Unidentified Submerged Objects and what scientific explanations could be behind them. These could also be known as but technically incorrectly underwater UFO's. These USO's are objects which have been tracked by the world's navies since the advent of modern sonar around the beginning of the cold war period. Although there are sightings which go back much earlier they cant be electronically verified. Main topic starts - 1:49 Q&A start - 37:44 Marc's Closing statement - 52:12 " from video introduction

Marc D’Antonio Marc Dantonio has a degree in Astronomy and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst. He is CEO of FX Models, a model making and special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry.

Underwater UFOs Add to US Navy Mystery

Video from New York Post

"In 2004, US Navy pilots encountered multiple fast-moving UFOs off the coast of San Diego, California. While this story is now widely known, one detail from the USS Nimitz incident has oft been overlooked... that they also witnessed a UFO under the surface of the ocean. A UFO in the water is called a USO or Unidentified Submerged Object. And there is a very long history of UFOs being witnessed under, above or near bodies of water. From a sighting recorded by Christopher Columbus in 1492, to the Utsuro Bune folklore in Japan, or the highly-documented Shag Harbour incident, water seems to play a big role in UFO sightings. Steven Greenstreet and Nick Pope dive deep into USO cases throughout history." from video introduction

UFO'S & Water

Trans-medium performance has been observed over and over in regard to UFO/USO cases for many years.

Trans-medium means the craft or whatever it is (organic?) can go from space to the atmosphere into the ocean at extreme speeds with no ill effect.

New data, videos etc. are coming out at an increased rate today.

Instead of keeping quiet about what people see they are speaking out!

Besides reports of USO's in oceans and lakes there have over the years been many reports of UFO's taking water from lakes. The video below gives us an idea of what people have seen.

Did UFOs Drain 2 Billion Gallons Of Water From A Lake In Chile?

Video from Quest TV

"Strange things have happened in Lago Colbún, Chile. The lake is known for constant UFO sightings and even the mayor of one of the closest cities in the area says that he has seen a UFO draining water from the lake." from video introduction

Jeremy Corbell: New UFO Video Shows ‘Spherical Craft’ Diving Into Ocean.

Video from The Hill

"Investigative filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, discusses newly declassified footage of sphere shaped UFOs from July 2019." from video introduction