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Vampire Christianity: The Heresy of Neglected Discipleship

Committed to Christ

As comfort seekers we like the easy way out.

Since our culture has made knowledge of God and of Christ non-essential to all areas of our lives, therefore we Christians, caught up as we are in this culture don't want to dedicate ourselves to the immersive life required to be a disciple of Christ.

It has always been the case since Eve and Adam sought to be gods that men and women have attempted to find the exception to what is required of us as disciples of Christ.

American culture in this particular historical moment abounds with Christians that want the passport to Heaven without the sacrifice that goes along with it.

The call to pick up our cross and follow Christ does not mean we can simply enjoy the benefits of Christs forgiveness without commitment. But many Christians try.

“Secularism, materialism, and the intrusive presence of things have put out the light in our souls and turned us into a generation of zombies.”

A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy

We want the benefits of our Lord's shed blood without becoming a follower. We just want to get on with our life and we will catch up to him in heaven.

Good People Prepared to Do Evil

Christians today choose to sin and have many excuses for that. We claim we are good, but we are prepared to do evil, should the circumstances arise. This seems to be the modus operandi of many Evangelicals in the politics and culture of our day. And yes circumstances seem to require it often.

Jesus himself stated that those who practice sin are slaves to it. (see John 8:34) Ordinary life in our fallen world finds good people doing evil with regularity . We all have a duplicitous nature that requires we ‘manage’ our relationships by hiding what we really think, feel and would like to do if we can get away with it.

This is what Jesus meant when he said to “avoid the leaven, or spirit, of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” (see Luke 12:1).

If we develop a relationship with Christ we learn from him how to do what we know is right in his sight. Reading scripture and abiding in his words helps us to know the truth and the truth actually does set us free. (John 8:36). Discipleship in Christ through the person of the Holy Spirit brings about an inward transformation of our thoughts and character that we so desperately need in life. (Matt. 23:25).

So this is the most extraordinary thing! On the inside, deep down in our soul and spirit

we begin to become intimate with “the Father who is in secret” (Matt 6:6). We walk with him and talk with him. Our days revolve around Christ as we walk elbow to elbow with him.

Our inner life with Christ begins to show on the outside where people can see that our actions and attitudes reflect a Christ-like character.

What kind of person are you becoming?

If you died today what would you say to Christ?

Are you his disciple?

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