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Visiting Jerusalem - Judaism & Western Wall ( Wailing Wall )

Video from Paul Jones

"This was the faith the was by far the most unfamiliar to me and I apologise for a potential mispronounced name in this film that I was told by a recent English convert to Judaism. I am still learning about this ancient faith. However by the end of my visit it was the one that had given me the most profound experiences that I could have ever asked for. I’m doing these films for family, friends and coworkers and I was unsure how to do it. However after a couple of incredible talks with some Elders of the faith about what I was trying to do I received massive support and blessings to do so. It is an area I know is incredibly unfamiliar to many around me and I hope I’ve been able to shine a bit more light on this for those around me and people curious and wanting to watch. From my personal perspective, what seemed the most distant faith actually gave me some of the strongest feelings of belonging. Paul" from video introduction

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