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Watch Iran: Iran's Relationship to the End Times


Video from DTBM

Watch Iran

"In months if not weeks, the bitterest enemy of Israel, the home of the dark prince of Persia—Iran, will possess the start of a growing arsenal of thermonuclear death and destruction to place at the top of their missiles. Their version of Islam considers “martyrdom in the cause of Allah” to be the ultimate act of faith. Today we are in the greatest nuclear peril that has ever existed. We no longer have two nuclear-armed superpowers with their own countries and interests to protect. We now have religious fanatics with everlasting hatred for Israel, America, Jews, and Christians—with the capability to launch and detonate atomic weapons at any time. We are on the final lap of teaching NextGeneration, in-country, self-supported missionaries in this month's courses. Through the end of this month, we are teaching Old Testament Theology, Personal Discipleship & Eschatology using Jesus' favorite End Times prophet named--DANIEL!! Welcome to the widest-touching chapter in God’s Word. Daniel 9 shows us how God wants us to pray (something we are to do frequently); how we are to study prophecy (something God recommends); and how God plans to show us the end is near (something very important and fascinating); and why we should believe the Bible is true (critical among the doctrines to be assured of). All that plus the clearest explanation of the timing of the Tribulation, God’s view of world history, and so much more you should just watch the video rather than me trying to explain it all! Jesus Gave A Simple Map: Jesus offers us a map of the future that is flawlessly accurate and a guide for us to understand history—past, present, and future. When God Almighty who rules from Heaven over all the affairs of mankind, gave to Daniel a snapshot of all the ages left for mankind, God says this is all there will be to the end. JESUS SAYS—Jerusalem is God's Clock Counting Down the End of the World! The close of world history is tied to this little city, called Jerusalem." from Video introduction

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