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We Are a Deeply Sick Culture in Need of God’s Mercy!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Jesus washing the apostles feet
Be Like Christ

The outcome of the Rittenhouse verdict will be discussed ad infinitum. But I believe that the real issue we are blind to in this current moment is how deeply sick we are as a culture and society.

All of us are the worst of sinners in need of God’s grace and mercy.

Christians are not immune to making bad decisions or doing horrible things.

Just think of all the people in past ages who have claimed Christ as they murdered and pillaged!

There is no doubt that the God of this Age, The Father of lies is having a great deal of success in America right now, promoting division, hate and evil.

Civility toward each other for many (not all) is irrelevant, even Christians.

Killing people in self-defense or in vigilante actions does not make anyone a hero. Making bad decisions, lacking wisdom and discernment and not being under the guidance of a wise parent does not make a young person a hero. Rittenhouse was reckless and foolish. In a society where guns have become a fetish, carrying a weapon is a way to show allegiance to your tribe, to be counter cultural. Our society has created a political movement that turns an incompetent vigilante into a role model and is by doing so promoting more violence and encouraging other young men to recklessly brandish weapons in dangerous situations. More blood will be split.

The specter of widespread Vigilante Justice is now becoming ever more real and is being promoted by people in our government in prominent positions of authority. Again, many claim their faith yet pursue and say things in direct opposition to the Gospel.

As Christians we cannot allow to let ourselves be drawn into the sins of retribution, revenge, and death. No matter what you think about “politics” you are a child of Christ, saved by his blood and sacrifice. We must honor our fellow man, even loving our enemies. We must ask ourselves as Christians if widespread violence explodes in our nation and people are killed what will be our excuse to our Lord?

Ask yourself?

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