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We Are The Only Generation to See Everything Jesus Said Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Video from DTBM

"It is such a joy to teach these young believers why the Early Church LOVED the Book of Revelation. They saw everything in one place: God's Attributes Illustrated, and Christ's Power so vividly portrayed. God wanted His Church to KNOW the PLAN, so He sent it as the CONCLUSION to the Bible. That is what we have TODAY. Open with me to the only book exclusively devoted to introducing us to what our Master and Savior Jesus is doing RIGHT NOW: the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Have you paused yet today to check in with Jesus Christ? The best way to do that is through your Bible because Jesus Christ is revealed to us as the Word of God. He is the Word, and the Word reveals Him. Each time we open God’s Word we can hear His Voice. At Creation God the Son, the Creator spoke and made all things; and through His Apostles and Prophets, His Word has been given. As you open to the last book of your Bible, you open to the climactic conclusion of God's Word written down for us. The first word in the Greek New Testament text of Revelation is the word apocalupsis which can be translated as either “revelation” or “unveiling”. The next two words are Jesus Christ. That means in this last book we are: Getting to See The Real Jesus: So we are opened to the “revelation of Jesus Christ”, or the “taking the cover off of Jesus Christ”, or the “disclosure of Jesus Christ”, or the “manifestation of Jesus Christ”, or the “unveiling of Jesus Christ” the Word of God. There is so much to think about as we open to these Last Words of Christ, God's Word. Revelation completes God’s revelation of Himself to humanity through Christ. In Genesis, the Creator, God the Son, walks and talks with Adam and Eve the first two humans to ever exist, created from the Hand of God. But God does not stay walking and talking to them. Because they sinned, He banishes them from the Paradise He made for them. Thus began all the sorrows and woes that have plagued humanity all these thousands of years. But in the book of Revelation the Creator explains that He is back, actively walking on Earth again, among His people. The Book of Revelation explains for us that God the Son, Jesus Christ the Creator is here on the ground guiding His Church to accomplish His purposes in the world. Much like a coach on the floor with his team, Jesus Christ is walking around and watching us play the positions He gave us to play. That is perhaps the most arresting truth in all the Bible for us. We are not alone, the Coach Himself, our Creator is personally wanting to help us get done what He desires us to do." from video introduction

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