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We Are to Comfortable with Gun Violence & Death!

Protect Our Children Not Your Guns
Protect Our Children Not Your Guns

Our Cultural Sickness of Death

The gun violence we continue to see as a nation is at odds with the law and love of God. It is not daily isolated incidents but a clear indication of cultural sickness.

We have become impulsive and too quick to resort to violence and we also justify our violence. We have become too comfortable with violence and confident we can wield it with impunity and justification.

We are more concerned about our immedicate physical safety than our sins and how we violate the commandment of God that we shall not kill.

What we are seeing today in America has many causes that is clear but the ease with which anyone can obtain a weapon of mass killing is irrational.

Sadly the situation in which gun advocates are trying so hard to avoid is being manifest even as we speak. Beacuse politicians and those selling firearms will not do the right and righteous thing citizens will eventually rise up and do something.

Pray for this violence to end and vote out those in public office that do not take this evil seriously!!

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