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We Lose Our Way When We Choose "Sin" over Christ for Political Gain

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We Must Obey God rather Than Men

Donald Trump’s Behavior Handed America Joe Biden’s Policies

"It wasn’t Donald Trump's policies that cost him the 2020 presidential election. It was his behavior. Despite a plethora of impressive accomplishments while in office, the president's mean-spirited personal attacks have come back to bite our nation in a fierce way.

You see, it was Donald Trump’s behavior that handed America Joe Biden’s policies.

Like many people, I felt President Trump’s abusive rhetoric was completely out of control. Therefore, I sent an email to the White House on December 28, 2019, with some ideas to increase the level of prayer for our pro-life president.

I am convinced that if President Trump had asked Franklin Graham, Mike Pence, and Greg Laurie to lead 15 minutes of prayer at each campaign rally, the personal impact on Donald Trump, as well as the benefits to the nation, would have been immense. Instead, President Trump used the 2020 campaign rallies to viciously mock his opponent..." from the article: Donald Trump’s Behavior Handed America Joe Biden’s Policies

It continues to amaze me how many claiming to be Christians will ignore and excuse any and all behavior by Trump and his allies no matter how depraved or criminal. Yes Joe Biden and the Democrats are bad but Trump is worse! Neither are righteous in any way and both are manipulative and foolish.

I guess if we are choosing the lesser of two evils you can cite Trump as the best pick. I wonder how our Lord views our choices? - Andy


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