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What Did the Jews Ever Do for Us? (Scientifically)

The Jews are God's chosen people.

Just as the world has always hated Christ the same hatred is applied to His chosen people.

Our hearts are wicked and depraved.

Even professing Christians are subject to this hatred.

Anti-semitism is evil just as the hatred we have in our hearts for any of God's people.

We must repent and go to God in prayer as we resist any anti-semitism in America.

If We Love Jesus, We Will Love the Jews

"The standard dictionary definition of anti-Semitism is “hostility to, or prejudice against, Jews.” There is a long history of such mistreatment of Jews (some horrific) by professing Christians. The aim of this article is to show that those Christians were acting contrary to the Bible — the very Scripture they claimed to believe. The cumulative effect of these twelve observations is to show that the Christian Scriptures do not support anti-Semitism, but forbid it.

1. God freely and graciously chose the Jewish people from all the peoples of the world to be recipients of a covenant with him that would bestow unique blessings on Israel, and would be the means through which all the families of the earth would be blessed...' from the article: If We Love Jesus, We Will Love the Jews

Video from Reef Rebels

What Did the Jews Ever Do for Us? (Scientifically)

"It has famously been asked by John Cleese "what have the Romans ever done for us." But what about the Jewish contribution to science? It is nothing short of phenomenal. This video touches on the issues in Israel today and how its enemies should be thanking the Jews rather than trying to obliterate them.

Peter Ridd is an ex-Professor of Physics and was fired for questioning quality assurance systems about Great Barrier Reef science on which he worked for over 30 years." from the video introduction

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