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What Does It Mean to "Be" God's Image? - Dr. Carmen Imes

Video from Preston Sprinkle

"Dr. Carmen Imes earned her Ph.D. in Old Testament from Wheaton College and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University. She's the author of two books: Bearing God's Name and Being God's Image--both published by IVP. Imes has appeared on more than 50 podcasts and radio shows and launched her own YouTube channel where she releases weekly "Torah Tuesday" videos. She is a guest blogger for Christianity Today, The Political Theology Network, and The Well (InterVarsity's blog for women in the academy and professions). Imes is also a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and retreats. Before earning her Ph.D. from Wheaton College, Carmen and her husband served as missionaries in the Philippines with SIM International, reaching out to ethnic minorities. Imes loves introducing students to the rich insights of the global church. In this podcast conversation, Dr. Imes talks about what it means to be--not bear--God's image and why it matters." from video introduction

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