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What Does It Mean to Communicate Like a Christian Online? — Chase Andre

Video from Biola University

"Speaking at the Winsome Conviction Project's Digital Hope Conference, Chase Andre talks about bringing civility and love into conversations. Chase Andre is an Instructor in Communication at Biola University." from video introduction.

"Information swarms at people from all sides as messages compete for attention in our world full of hype and spin. Yet even the slickest techniques, flashiest images, or catchiest soundbytes aren’t enough to get your message across in a way that changes people’s lives. To make authentic connections with people in your congregation and truly impact them in lasting ways, you need to follow the lead of Someone whose communication principles are both timeless and uniquely powerful: Jesus.

Here’s how you can learn to communicate like Jesus:

Realize that communication is a way of living, not a skill set. Understand that Jesus – who never conducted a media campaign or traveled the globe or took university courses in communication – has influenced the world more than anyone else who ever lived because of who He was. Know that people will respond to your character much more than they will to any communication techniques you use..." from the article: Communicate Like Jesus

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