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What is a Nurse? Honoring Christ by Helping Others

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Video Of Nurse Singing To Cancer Patient Goes Viral Video from News Channel 5

What is a Nurse?

We serve Christ in all that we do. We are also encouraged to serve Christ in the workplace whether we are a janitor or an executive. There are many vocations that provide a unique way of serving our fellow men and a women and one of them is Nursing. Many of you reading this are in health care. I retired last year from 10 years of nursing which included working in a hospital, Home Health and Family Medicine. You understand the commitment needed.

As a Christian in healthcare God situates us in a unique place and time for the care of his saints and as a witness and a light to those who do not know Christ. For those who have never worked in healthcare or been privy to the inside workings of the system it can seem daunting and it is. We must never lose sight of the fact that our healthcare in America although flawed in many ways is still some of the best in the world and many people from around the world come here for care.

As nurses we see people at their worst, in extreme pain, depressed and many are near death. God puts us where we are in a job/vocation to help others get well, to flourish, fell better or endure their pain until their death.

So I commend all of you in healthcare, especially now as the pandemic has stressed healthcare to the limit and taken the lives of many on the healthcare profession. Get the rest you need, pray and honor your Lord. The everyday act of caring for the suffering allows nurses to live out their faith either by drawing blood, assisting a physician, or providing post-operative care. What may appear as a minor task can make a huge difference in a patients' health and wellbeing.

Video from Veyas Mommy

I worked as an LPN for 10 years. I was a male nurse in a mostly female work environment and I knew how hard it was for many of them to carry out their daily responsibilities to family as well as to their employer and patients. Here is a video tribute to all of those hard working ladies in healthcare.

Nursing is serving Christ, as He commands us to care for one another. In particular, the healthy are called upon to look after the weak in their time of need.

Romans 15:1 "We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves."

Nurses provide comfort to patients who feel nervous, anxious, or frightened. Their caring words can make all the difference for patients who feel hopeless. Nurses also provide emotional and spiritual support to patients' loved ones, who also feel completely helpless as they watch friends or family members suffer.

As nurses we are not called to judge but to serve. We must resist and ask God to keep us from being judgmental of patients. Emotional sacrifices are difficult as nurses struggle watching wonderful people suffering. As a nurse you become well-acquainted with death, which nevertheless does not become easier over time. This is easier to bear, however, when nurses recall their strength and inspiration is from Jesus, who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be freed of the suffering imposed by our sin.

Thank You nurses and all those in health care for a job well done and God Bless!

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