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What is Bible Doctrine?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

In this video from Crossway J.I.Packer reminds us that the Doctrines of the Church are still important to us all.

What is Bible Doctrine? What is a doctrine?

Doctrine refers to the Act of teaching or that which is taught, so it could refer to any subject.

Dr. Packer points out that the Doctrines of the Church are no longer relevant to life.

However the truth of Gods word and world do not change. Our culture, our lifestyle has relegated God's word to the last thing on our list. Other things, activities are more important. Look at your life. Is God's Holy Word important to you? Do Live out your faith in life?

Maybe its time to prioritize and put God at the forefront of your life.

Basic Bible Doctrines are the following:

  1. The Offices of Christ

  2. The Deity of Christ

  3. The Humanity of Christ

  4. The Atonement

  5. The Resurrection of Christ

  6. Grace

  7. The New Birth

  8. Faith

  9. Justification

  10. The Benefits of Salvation

  11. Spiritual Growth

  12. Spiritual Experience

  13. Prayer

  14. Evangelism

  15. The Law

  16. The Progress of Redemption

  17. The Universal Church

  18. The Local Church

  19. Church Government

  20. The Sacraments

  21. Death

  22. Future Events

  23. The Second Coming

  24. Hell

  25. Heaven

  26. The Offices of Christ

  27. The Deity of Christ

  28. The Humanity of Christ

  29. The Atonement

  30. The Resurrection of Christ

  31. Grace

  32. The New Birth

  33. Faith

  34. Justification

  35. The Benefits of Salvation

  36. Spiritual Growth

  37. Spiritual Experience

  38. Prayer

  39. Evangelism

  40. The Law

  41. The Progress of Redemption

  42. The Universal Church

  43. The Local Church

  44. Church Government

  45. The Sacraments

  46. Death

  47. Future Events

  48. The Second Coming

  49. Hell

  50. Heaven

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