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What is Revolutionary About the Kingdom of God? - N.T. Wright Online

Updated: Jun 24

Video from N.T Wright Online

What is Revolutionary About the Kingdom of God?

"It's easy to assume we know what words and phrases in the Bible mean. Over the last 2,000 years, the term 'Kingdom of God' has been a favorite of Christians. But what did Jesus mean when he said it? In this video, Prof. Wright places this term in its first-century context, unpacking what 'Kingdom of God' did and did not mean for Jesus. This video is an excerpt from the course 'Knowing God in the Created World', available HERE:

KNOWING GOD IN THE CREATED WORLD. AVAILABLE NOW For hundreds of years, people have wondered what we can know about God based on the evidence of the world in which we live. Theologians and philosophers have pondered this question under the name of Natural Theology, with greater or lesser success. Prof. N.T. Wright asserts that to answer this question with fidelity requires putting Jesus back in the middle of the question. The line of thought explored in this course seeks to do just that, through a thoroughgoing investigation into modern Western attitudes about history and its validity as a domain of inquiry. The result being that in learning something about God we might also learn a thing or two about our knowledge of the natural world, and about the nature of our knowledge." from video introduction


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