What is the Argument Against Religious Pluralism? -Greg Koukl (Part 5 of 12)

Video from Christ Revealed

"Faith is Under Attack Like Never Before. Astonishing Facts on the Validity of Christ and the Resurrection. A Message Of Hope And Inspiration For These Challenging Times. You can learn more by checking this out: ➡ http://www.christrevealed.com​ The video is presenting Greg Koukl, Apologist, Author & Speaker. Founder of Stand to Reason. The video also tries to cover the following subjects: - Expecting Massive Hostility from Atheist - Trusting the Power of God when Communicating with People - Can God be Personal and Unpersonal at the same time? - What is the Argument Against Religious Pluralism? - Every Religious Claim Cannot be All True and Right All at the Same Time."" from video introduction.

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