What Pleases Jesus About My Life?: Jesus Says Well Done When We Sacrifice For Him!

Updated: Nov 17

Video from DTBM

"What will be written by the Lord in Acts 29, about you and me? This is the great fall season with all the football games and the crisp cool weather. It is a time of memories for me. I have been telling my boys about my early days when I was on the Haslett (Michigan) football team. Over the years various coaches would address us on the teams and try to get us “fired up” for the game. That was always an exciting time because we were quite committed already. We had already shown our dedication by joining the team, working out most of the summer in the heat, running endless gut-wrenching cross-country miles, practicing plays until we were able to do them instinctively, and so on. But now at the moment of the actual game “fired up” meant that we were to get even more fully engaged in the game, commit to again play our best, sacrifice our strength and even comfort by playing even harder, commit there in the locker room to not lose focus, to remember the plays we had been taught, to unselfishly work together as a team and so on. That is team athletics or team sports – whether football, basketball, wrestling, or whatever. Later in my college days, I moved to a new kind of sports involvement. I was a spectator and a fan. Again we in the stands were encouraged to get “fired up” for the game. This involved wearing team colors, getting season passes, scheduling Friday nights or Saturdays so as to not miss any games, actually coming to all the games, sitting together with our side, paying attention to the game, knowing the team members, cheering at the right times and in a loud and supportive way. Some of the more “on fire” folks would not only do all that but they went further by really dressing up, painting their faces with team colors and symbols, bringing big banners, getting there early, and generally being everywhere cheering and carrying on. That is quite a familiar setting for most of us. In fact, the majority of sports and athletic events are pursued by the minority (the athletes) as they are cheered on by the majority (the fans)." from video introduction


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