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What Spiritual Warfare Actually Means!

Video from Dr. Michael S. Heiser

"When I get asked what is spiritual warfare, okay, it's not shouting at demons. It's not these confrontational things that we think of as spiritual warfare, like we're Ghostbusters or something. I've talked to plenty of missionaries, and they have those episodes, they're real, and it could happen. But that is not the ultimate end game. It's not even the ultimate battle. It's not really even what it's about. You just ask yourself a simple question: What do the powers of darkness fear? They fear their own destruction, which means they fear the success of the Great Commission." from video introduction.

What do you think of when you hear the term "Spiritual Warfare"? Do you have visions of trench warfare, dodging bullets or just shouting at Demons?

We as Christians today are so disconnected from what the ultimate reality of God's word and world means we have developed some strange perceptions. Dr. Heiser tries to help us have a better understanding. - Andy


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