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When Everything Seems Out Of Control...Trust : Ep. 2 - Instruments of Peace- Faith on the Frontlines

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Video from Our Daily Bread

"A worldwide pandemic lets us know we are not in control. Just a few months after moving his family across the country to the Pacific Northwest to join a medical practice, Dr. Aaron Beck found himself treating patients in the nation’s hotspot. He faced uncertainty for his own health, fear of what that meant for his young family, and doubts about the best care for his patients. But through it all, he forged a deeper dependence on God because he had no choice but to trust. Remember to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more episodes of "Instruments of Peace: Faith on the Frontlines". New episodes released weekly from April 19th to May 24th. Help Our Daily Bread Ministries create new videos by donating today: About This Series: "Instruments of Peace: Faith on the Frontlines" reveals the extraordinary courage of six frontline workers who faced the darkness of COVID-19 head on—in some of the hardest hit regions of the world—and found renewed hope and strength in the steadfast promises of their faith." from video introduction.


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