When Our leaders Talk Trash and Incite Violence

Video from CNN

"CNN's Jim Acosta talks to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) about Donald Trump's recent pledge that Capitol rioters could get pardons if he wins in 2024 and other problematic comments from the former President's recent rally." from video introduction.

Words matter, words have power just as ideas have power.

Our nation, i.e the people of the United States seem to be in free fall hate, ignorance, and illiteracy. Truth or should I say just plain reality has been substituted with relativism and authoritarian propaganda. Trump is the current ringmaster but many others have bought into the downward spiral.

Now lets be honest here Joe Biden is not the answer to Americas woes, in fact the President is irrelevant.

The people of the United States have failed themselves. We are the problem! We choose to believe lies, we choose to take the easy way out.

American Christianity is also in crisis as many self-proclaimed Christians follow the secular playbook and have joined the hate filled ranting and raving fringes.

In the above video Senator Patrick Leahy talks about the obvious criminality of Trump and his followers. Below is an article that discusses this further.

"Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) said he was amazed to hear former President Donald Trump pardon the January 6 rebels at a rally in Texas on Saturday if he is re-elected.

“I can’t believe I’ll ever hear this from someone running for office or office” in America, Leahy told Jim Acosta Sunday on CNN. He called it “definitely” a “threat” from someone acting like a “two-bit dictator”.. from the article: Sen. Patrick Leahy denies incredible pardon offer from ‘two-bit dictator’ Trump on January 6

“I was a prosecutor for eight years,” Leahy said. “To think that someone would run for high office and say: “You can engage in any kind of criminal activity that you want. Don’t worry, if you’re doing this to support me, I’ll forgive you when I get there. As a prosecutor, I would say: “Someone must be making this up. That can not be true”.

Leahy, who is president pro tempore of the US Senate, said he was at the Capitol on January 6 last year when Trump supporters stormed the building and demanded that then-Vice President Mike Pence be hanged if he didn’t give up the Americans’ choice of Joe. Biden as president.

“I look out and see how they are pulling a noose to hang the vice president if he doesn’t disrupt the election,” Leahy recalled that day chillingly.

Its not to hard to substitute Castro or Noriega (for example) for Trump, they speak the same language. These are the people poised to help destroy America as we know it in conjunction with the so called Left, the democrats or who ever else we can blame. In this speech Trump once again calls for violence. But I am sure excuse have already been made to gloss it over, after all the people who killed and destroyed on January 6th are heroes! Crimes to support Trump are Ok.

The question for us as Christians is will we continue to buy into this worldly and wicked way of social discourse or will we be Christ-like in our thinking and doing? I am not talking about being "nice", I am talking about wisdom and discernment from the Lord, being intelligent and not foolish. Not joining the sin of the world!

Will we as Christians pray, confess, repent and take action in a way that respects people, helps people, forgives people or will we join the world in this madness and just like ancient Israel be subject to God's further discipline?

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