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When Words Cut Deep...Movie Monologues

A monologue is a long speech by one actor in a play or movie or as part of a theatrical or broadcast program.

When done right a monologue can change how we view life and the world around us. Words do have power!

In this excellent video from Like Stories of Old, we are treated to several inspiring monologues and analyses.

Movie Monologues That Changed My Entire Worldview

When Words Cut Deep...Movie Monologues

"Content: 00:00 More Relevant Than Ever 03:46 The Hopeless Dream of Being 05:17 The Power of the Monologue 06:41 Unavoidable Truth 10:26 In Search of Meaning 12:44 Masculinity vs. Modernity 14:48 Terrence Malick's Fight Club 17:56 The Timeless Struggle 20:13 Morality and Virtue 23:38 Upholding Awareness 27:18 A Cinema of Monologues" from the video introduction

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