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When you Realize: "WAIT... I'm the Problem?!": C.S. Lewis - The Trouble with "X"

Video from Jay Hughes

“UGH! I can't believe 'X' did that to me AGAIN... but why am I surprised? He ALWAYS does that...” We all wonder why certain people, especially those we are closest to, make it so hard to get along with them. Sometimes it seems like they’re actually TRYING to annoy us... or even to hurt us. Which of us hasn't said, at least a thousand times, “Why does my (Wife, Husband, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Friend, Dog) always do THAT? They are so irritating, and I can’t it take it anymore!" And yet… could it be that I am just as annoying, even hurtful, to others? What if we turned things around... what if we were to catch a glimpse of how THEY see US — how all our weaknesses are on display, and how they have to put up with the “Fatal Flaw” in OUR character. This is classic CSL; with humor and wit he holds up a mirror and allows us to take a good look at ourselves. God... please give us eyes to see and ears to hear.' from video introduction


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