Where Did Satan’s First Desire for Evil Come from? - Ask Pastor John

Video from Desiring God

"We may not be able to explain how Satan became evil. But we do know that God did not compromise his goodness or glory in allowing Satan to fall. We start the week with a question from a listener, Rob, who writes in to ask: “Pastor John, as someone who is reformed/Calvinist, I highly appreciate Jonathan Edwards who claims: (1) Free will is doing what we desire. (2) But God gives us the desire to do good. With that being said, and keeping James 1:13 in mind, I’m having trouble understanding where Lucifer received his first desire to sin. Norman Geisler says ‘the unmistakable logical conclusion for the extreme Calvinist [is that] both Lucifer and Adam sinned because God gave them the desire to sin’ (“Chosen But Free,” page 36). I would imagine that Adam received his desire to sin from Eve who received it from the serpent/Satan, but if God is sovereign over all things — including our desires — would that make him the initial author of the first desire to sin?” How do you answer this mystery?" from video introduction

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