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Where Do We Go Immediately After We Die? - Dr. John Barnett

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Video from DTBM

"Have you ever wondered where you will go the instant after you die? Will we be taken immediately to heaven? Is there a period of waiting? Where will we be waiting? Will God be there?" from video introduction.

Death Will Come When Christ Calls

I never used to look at cemeteries. My fear of death as a child prohibited me from staring down the tombstones, as if I could avoid the grim reaper’s sickle by simply diverting my eyes.

Death was a foreigner until I watched my dad wither away. As cancer shaved his frame to the bone, and the space between breaths gained greater distance, my worst enemy seemed to dance and destroy all at the very same time.

I wanted death gone, but instead, my dad was the one to leave. I was so shattered by his passing that I refused to watch the gurney roll out of the house. The reaper may well have taken my father from me, but I would not offer him the satisfaction of my gaze. I would not look as the mortuary van drove away in the cover of midnight darkness.

It was not until I became a follower of Christ that my perspective on death changed, and I came to understand it as something more than an instrument of destruction. In Christ, death is no doomsday — it’s a gateway..." from the article: Death Will Come When Christ Calls


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