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Whistleblowers, Grabby Aliens & Deep Black Pysops

Updated: Jun 24

Whistleblowers, Grabby Aliens & Deep Black Pysops

Whistleblowers Without the Goods!

So it is normal and often the case for a whistleblower to reveal factually/physically what they are disclosing. As many have pointed out David Grush has openly revealed "hearsay" which is what we hear constantly from UFO researchers/investigators.

There are fine points to be noted about what this person has said and they are discussed in the videos below.

Is this all just smoke and mirrors, perhaps a deep black Ops Psyops?

Time will tell.

Is the Government Hiding Aliens? - Michael Shermer

Video from Skeptic

"The Michael Shermer Show # 358 A commentary on the latest UAP/UFO story about the whistleblower and the government UFO retrieval program. In this special episode of The Michael Shermer Show, Dr. Shermer addresses the latest claims by a whistleblower that the U.S. government and its allies has spacecraft that are “off-world,” meaning extraterrestrial in nature. If true, it would be one of the greatest discoveries in human history, but is it in fact true? Very very unlikely, for a number of reasons that Dr. Shermer considers as he puts this story into historical context after 30+ years of studying UFOs, a topic of regular coverage in Skeptic magazine. A CHALLENGE TO BELIEVERS IN UFOs & UAPs If you are so confident that contact with aliens has been made and the government is about to disclose what it knows, how about putting your money where your confidence is? A $1000 wager by 12/31/2024?

Also, read Dr. Shermer’s article in Quillette: “Aliens…Again! This time, they always say, it could be different.”" from video introduction

Through the Great Filter: a Spacetime Search for UAP(UFOs) - with Robin Hanson | Merged Podcast EP 9

Video from Merged Podcast

"Join us for a riveting conversation as Ryan Graves discusses theories, impacts, and the push for further inquiry and research in the UAP (UFO) space as part of this fascinating conversation with Associate Professor Robin Hanson. From “The Great Filter” to “Grabby Aliens” join us and embrace a paradigm-shifting exploration of the ideas, technologies, and groups dedicated to furthering our understanding of UAP. === Robin Hanson is associate professor of economics at George Mason University, and research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He has a doctorate in social science from California Institute of Technology, master's degrees in physics and philosophy from the University of Chicago, and nine years experience as a research programmer, at Lockheed and NASA. Robin has diverse research interests, with papers on spatial product competition, health incentive contracts, group insurance, product bans, evolutionary psychology and bioethics of health care, voter information incentives, incentives to fake expertise, Bayesian classification, agreeing to disagree, self-deception in disagreement, probability elicitation, wiretaps, image reconstruction, the history of science prizes, reversible computation, the origin of life, the survival of humanity, very long term economic growth, growth given machine intelligence, and interstellar colonization. He coined the phrase "The Great Filter", and has recently numerically estimated it via a model of "Grabby Aliens".' from video introduction

Grabby Aliens Overview "There are two kinds of alien civilizations. “Quiet” aliens don’t expand or change much, and then they die. We have little data on them, and so must mostly speculate, via methods like the Drake equation. “Loud” aliens, in contrast, visibly change the volumes they control, and just keep expanding fast until they meet each other. As they should be easy to see, we can fit theories about loud aliens to our data, and say much about them, as S. Jay Olson has done in 7 related papers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) since 2015. Furthermore, we should believe that loud aliens exist, as that’s our most robust explanation for why humans have appeared so early in the history of the universe. While the current date is 13.8 billion years after the Big Bang, the average star will last over five trillion years. And the standard hard-steps model of the origin of advanced life says it is far more likely to appear at the end of the longest planet lifetimes. But if loud aliens will soon fill the universe, and prevent new advanced life from appearing, that early deadline explains human earliness. “Grabby” aliens is our especially simple model of loud aliens, a model with only 3 free parameters, each of which we can estimate to within a factor of 4 from existing data. That standard hard steps model implies a power law (t/k)n appearance function, with two free parameters k and n, and the last parameter is the expansion speed s. We estimate:

  • Expansion speed s from fact that we don’t see loud alien volumes in our sky,

  • Power n from the history of major events in the evolution of life on Earth,

  • Constant k by assuming our date is a random sample from their appearance dates.

Using these parameter estimates, we can estimate distributions over their origin times, distances, and when we will meet or see them. While we don’t know the ratio of quiet to loud alien civilizations out there, we need this to be ten thousand to expect even one alien civilization ever in our galaxy. Alas as we are now quiet, our chance to become grabby goes as the inverse of this ratio." from the website:

Lets Be Skeptical (And Also Open Minded)

NewsNation with Chris Cuomo & Mick West

Video from Mick West

"Discussing the David Grusch claims of an alien craft crash retrieval program.' from video introduction

In the video below John Greenewald provides an excellent analysis of David Grush and what he said and claimed.

Exploring the "UFO Whistleblower" Story

Video from The Black Vault Originals

"A similar story has circulated for decades. Rumors of crashed non-human spacecraft, alien bodies, and tales of deep dark conspiracies and cover ups concealing it all. But this week, David Charles Grusch, or the UFO Whistleblower as the media has labeled him, speaks out and essentially confirms it all. To some this was disclosure by a credible former intelligence official that may change the world. To others, this was part of a well-crafted disinformation campaign to muddy the truth. So which is it? Join me, John Greenewald, Jr. as I dive in to the story and explore some elements you may not have seen, and highlight some, well, I'll let you decide what it all means." from video introduction

You Said What!..The Left Hand vs The Right Hand Problem

To say the left hand of our government and military does not know what the right hand is doing would be an understatement.

In regards to UAP's and aliens this was said in 2021 in The New york Times:

U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

WASHINGTON — American intelligence officials have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years are alien spacecraft, but they still cannot explain the unusual movements that have mystified scientists and the military, according to senior administration officials briefed on the findings of a highly anticipated government report.

The report determines that a vast majority of more than 120 incidents over the past two decades did not originate from any American military or other advanced U.S. government technology, the officials said. That determination would appear to eliminate the possibility that Navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government meant to keep secret.." from the article: U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

In the hearings discussed below from a few weeks ago we once again witness a bureaucrat under duress making statements. Please let the poor man go home!

Pentagon has 'no credible evidence' of aliens or UFOs that defy physics

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick
Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick

April 2023-The Pentagon's new UFO office has no evidence of any extraterrestrial or extraordinary objects.

The director of the Pentagon's new UFO office shot down hopes that the current buzz over unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) supports claims of extraterrestrial visitation.

Sean M. Kirkpatrick, chosen as the first director of the Pentagon's new All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), testified before members of the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services on Wednesday (April 19). The hearing had two portions, one closed to the public and one open.

During the open portion, Kirkpatrick definitively stated that, out of the hundreds of UAP cases his office has reviewed, "AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology or objects that defy the known laws of physics." The AARO director acknowledged that this conclusion might be "unsatisfying" to those who believe they have witnessed incontrovertible evidence of physics-defying craft or objects...from the article: Pentagon has 'no credible evidence' of aliens or UFOs that defy physics

House of Representatives to Hold Hearing on Whistleblower’s UFO Claims

"The House of Representatives plans to investigate claims that the US government is harboring UFOs after a whistleblower former intelligence official said the US has possession of “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles.

James Comer, the Republican chair of the House oversight committee, said the committee would hold a hearing into claims by David Grusch, who led analysis of unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP) within a US Department of Defense agency, that the government had been collecting non-human craft for “decades”. US urged to reveal UFO evidence after claim that it has intact alien vehicles Read more

Grusch, who left the government in April after a 14-year career in US intelligence, told the Debrief that information on these vehicles was being illegally withheld from Congress.

“There will be oversight of that,” Comer told NewsNation. “We plan on having a hearing.”... from the article: House of Representatives to hold hearing on whistleblower’s UFO claims.

Better Data Needed?

When anything is studied data, information is required and actual hands on examination, samples taken and analyzied etc.

We don't know without certainty that non-human craft have been retreived and studied. So we wait to see!

Yet in the meantime private citizens and corporations can collect data, materials and even craft to examine.

NASA UFO Panel in First Public Meeting says Better Data Needed

"WASHINGTON, May 31 (Reuters) - Members of an independent NASA panel studying UFOs, or what the U.S. government now terms UAP for "unidentified anomalous phenomena," said in their first public meeting on Wednesday that scant high-quality data and a lingering stigma pose the greatest barriers to unraveling such mysteries...

The greatest challenge panel members cited, however, was a dearth of scientifically reliable methods for documenting UFOs, typically sightings of what appear as objects moving in ways that defy the bounds of known technologies and laws of nature.

The underlying problem, they said, is that the phenomena in question are generally being detected and recorded with cameras, sensors and other equipment not designed or calibrated to accurately observe and measure such peculiarities..." from the article: NASA UFO panel in first public meeting says better data needed


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