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Who Do You Think I Am?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Luke 9: 20

"But what about you?" he asked. "Who do you say I am?" Peter answered, "God's Messiah."

Who do you think Jesus is?

Do you believe in him and if you do you know him? Have you centered your life around him, do you pray to him? Christ is a person, real flesh and blood and he at this moment stands at the right hand of God the Father. But Christ is not like you and I he is humanity as we will become in our resurrection and on the New heaven and New Earth.

But right now, we must make our lives here the best possible life despite our circumstances or position in life. Regardless of whatever culture, or time or geographical location we are born into we must work at making a Gospel Centered, Christ-exalting life the focus of our efforts.

This does not happen overnight and often takes a lifetime to reach a point in our life where the Holy Spirit can work freely in our souls and Human Spirit. Life wears us down and breaks us down from our pride and selfishness.

Life is not about our wants, needs or desires, it never has been. Those are hollow desires and end in disappointment and depression. Most of the wealthiest, talented, and privileged people are the most unhappy and depressed and we see this manifest itself frequently in examples like Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain.

We are born rebels and we through the course of our lives exchange one idol for another. The idol of family, the idol of work and career, sex, or many other things.

You are approaching the end of your life. It may be tomorrow, or a week from now, a month from now or 30 years from now. It is not far off.

Who do you think Jesus is?

If you receive a terminal diagnosis of cancer tomorrow and only have a short time to live will all your accomplishments, your wealth, all the fun you have had will that mean anything?

Jesus is at the center of our life whether we know it or acknowledge it. His providence sustains even rebellious sinful people like you and I, in a world that both ignores him and vilifies him.

In the next few posts, we will look at some excellent short videos from Dr. William Craig. The first is entitled: “Who Did Jesus Think He Was?”


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