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Who Is Going To Heaven According To Revelation? Dr John Barnett

Video from DTBM

"The Door of Heaven: Standing Open There have been many wonderful sights that people have been able to witness: the light from the first light bulb, the awesome sight at the launch of giant rockets into the sky, the glimpse of lost treasures in ancient tombs: but nothing anyone has ever seen compares to this. These next two chapters we will study in Revelation, starts with each of us given this sight, through the Apostle John’s eyes: of the door to Heaven standing open. As John is taken by the Spirit of God, from his exile, to see through that doorway, he finds himself transported to the Throne Room of the Universe. That is a profound truth. Heaven is where God sits enthroned. It is not just a place “somewhere”, Heaven is THE place, made so by God being THERE. If you have ever wondered about Heaven, this is God’s way of answering your questions. If we will listen, we will find all that He wants us to know about His Place, His Throne, and life in the Presence of God. Just like we saw happening in Rev. 1:10, John is guided by the Spirit to hear the words of a loud voice that sounds like a trumpet. It must have been shocking to go from familiar scenes in Patmos, and of the seven churches: to the scenes of Revelation 4 & 5. The glimpse of the Throne of God, dominated by hard to imagine numbers of angels, as well as sights and sounds that are so immense: boggles our minds. But that is what is seen through the open door. 1. Heaven is dominated by the Throne of God. 2. Heaven is what surrounds God and His worship. 3. Heaven is always described as God’s presence and His Dominion; and with all the events of this world are all seen in perspective to God’s Throne. Jesus sent us Revelation as a reminder that: Heaven is a Real Place Existing at This Moment." from video introduction.

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