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Who Wants to Live Forever? - Death Land ( Part 1 of 8)

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Video from The Guardian

"What if you could cheat death and live forever? To people in the radical life extension movement, immortality is a real possibility. Leah Green spends a long weekend at RAADfest, a meeting of scientists, activists and ordinary people who want to extend the human lifespan. So is reversing your age a real possibility? And what’s behind this wish to live forever?" from the video introduction.

This is how the world apart form Christ approaches death!

Sociologist Geoffrey Gorer wrote an essay entitled “The Pornography of Death.” He believed that death had become the new unmentionable to our post modern culture.

"One of anthropologist Geoffery Gorer’s shorter works, “The Pornography of Death” is arguably the eldest of the 20th century calls to recognize the disconnect between contemporary American culture attitudes and one of the three ‘unmentionables’ of life: birth, copulation and death. In his article, Gorer was the first to draw a parallel between the Victorian era’s uptight prudery around sex and the modern era’s prudery around death. He took his argument a step further, however, believing that the increasingly violent media being consumed by the populace was, in fact, a new pornography..." from the article: The Pornography of Death Review

In this video we see how people want to simply deny death and try to outsmart the biology!

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