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"Who Was Melchizedek?

As mentioned previously, Melchizedek is the king of Salem and a priest of God. Let’s break down those roles first before we dive further into the personhood of Melchizedek.

King of Salem, a place later supposedly known as Jerusalem, meant that he hailed from a land that would have significance in Israel’s later history.

As for his priestly role, we’ll dive into that more in the section below. We should make a careful note that he serves bread and wine. For those of us familiar with the act of communion, this should sound familiar.

We also have no idea about Melchizedek’s lineage (Hebrews 7). The Bible makes no mention of whose family he belongs, only because he appears for a few verses. Some rabbinic teachings say Melchizedek was Noah’s son Shem. Others have said Melchizedek appeared to Abram in a Christophany, or as the Son of God mentioned throughout the Old and New Testament.

Although scholars have highly debated his true personhood, most, like Matthew Henry in his commentary, have concluded that he was, in fact, a man and not the Son of God.' from the article: How to Find Jesus in the Story of Melchizedek

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