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"Why God? Why would You save me?" - Face-to-Face Encounter with Jesus in Rehab

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Video from The 700 Club Interactive

"Eddie came to the US from Cuba. He was a drug dealer but a motorcycle accident changed his life for the good." from video introduction.

Christ and the Person of the Holy Spirit are at work in the world and in you and me. We are so caught up in life that we seldom notice. Christ is at work in the darkest places, the most bitter and rebellious souls cannot escape his notice. God loves his people, his children and he weeps as we sin and destroy ourselves and others.

As we can see from this interview children need Fathers just as they need the entire family structure as designed by God. Being a father is a vocation to be a surrogate for the King of Kings. A vocation is something we are called to do by God in order to take his love, grace and mercy to others. In our vocations including work or ministry we are called on to serve many people. But in our vocation as a father we are called to channel God’s love in particular ways to a specific group, our children.


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