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Why So Many QAnon Believers Are Evangelical Christians?

Video from Vice News

"On this episode of Do Your Research, VICE News dives into the history of Evangelicalism's affect on U.S. politics." from video introduction.

The facts of our faith are clear and as a Christian they are centered around the source of our lives and all truth in it and that person is Christ! Christ does not allow for other gods and other religions including Qanon or Trump! We must repent of our idolatry and turn to Christ!

"It’s a rough time to be a pastor. An election year, national racial unrest and a global pandemic each challenged the usual methods of ministry. Taken together, many church leaders are facing the traditional post-vacation ingathering season with a serious case of burnout.

But there’s another challenge that pastors I spoke with say is on the rise in their flocks. It is taking on the power of a new religion that’s dividing churches and hurting Christian witness.

Mark Fugitt, senior pastor of Round Grove Baptist Church in Miller, Missouri, recently sat down to count the conspiracy theories that people in his church are sharing on Facebook. The list was long. It included claims that 5G radio waves are used for mind control; that George Floyd’s murder is a hoax; that Bill Gates is related to the devil; that masks can kill you; that the germ theory isn’t real; and that there might be something to Pizzagate after all..." from the article: QAnon: The alternative religion that’s coming to your church

"Back in October of 2017, an anonymous person calling themselves the “Q Clearance Patriot” (“Q” for short) started dropping vague messages on 4Chan purporting to detail President Donald Trump’s coming war on the “evil tyrants” who control America. These messages — called “breadcrumbs” or “Q Drops” by adherents — appear garbled and even incoherent to most of us, but a growing community has used alleged clues to piece together a narrative. That narrative involves a cabal of Hollywood actors, wealthy elites and well-known Democratic personalities like the Clintons and the Obamas, all of whom have conspired to exert control over America for their own sinister ends.

This is the essence of QAnon, which has become a big tent for a family of conspiracy theories involving secret child trafficking rings hidden right under our noses, Robert Mueller, COVID-19 trutherism and anti-Black Lives Matter sentiment. Holding it all together is the idea that Trump is working behind the scenes to engineer “The Storm” — a code name for the mission to dismantle this group of “Deep State” operatives and restore peace and order to America.

Joe Carter has done an excellent job explaining QAnon for the Gospel Coalition.

The appeal of QAnon isn’t hard to figure out. America has been, as they say, “going through it” lately. QAnon provides explanations — however farfetched — for the seemingly inexplicable. It simplifies the maze of life into a relatively simple narrative. As America grows less religious, conspiracy theories like QAnon can provide a religious sense of peace and meaning — assuring followers that everything is under control. QAnon is a sort of faith movement — one that has found a lot of traction with evangelical groups. In fact, a pastor of a megachurch used his sermon time to show a QAnon video just a few weeks ago..." from the article: Why Are So Many Christians Falling for QAnon?

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