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Why Study Karl Barth? - Reformed Forum

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Video from Reformed Forum

Why Study Karl Barth? - Reformed Forum

"Karl Barth has influenced many theologians, even evangelicals and those who are confessionally Reformed. Barth is certainly in the theological milieu, but his influence is much larger than most might anticipate. He is monumental, and his thought is extremely significant. Confessionally theologians should become familiar with the salient features of his theology in order to set forth a biblically faithful theology in accord with the historic Reformed creeds and confessions." from video introduction.

Video from kbarthorg

"Extract from the documentary film "JA und NEIN, Karl Barth zum Gedaechtnis" (1967), directed by Heinz Knorr, Calwer Verlag. Visit to learn more about Karl Barth, one of the greatest thinkers of Christendom." from video introduction.

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