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"Why the abundance of choice is driving us crazy!"- Barry Schwartz

Video from TRT World

"Why the abundance of choice is driving us crazy!"

"Barry Schwartz discusses why the explosion of options in wealthier nations paralyses decision-making capabilities and makes people less happy and more prone to depression. In a candid discussion on UC Berkeley campus, the psychology professor explains to Imran Garda why this apparent paradox occurs, and why we might not have as much rationality or free will as we think we do. 00:00 Intro. Options options everywhere… 01:00 Isn’t freedom of choice a good thing? 03:20 Why having too much choice is making us miserable 05:12 Wasting resources to create unnecessary options 06:45 Social media’s impact on mental health 09:15 Explosion of sociopathology in young people 12:32 How our choices shape our identity 17:20 Free will and neuromarketing 19:10 Being influenced below the level of awareness 25:00 Are we still capable of rational decision-making?" from video introduction

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