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Why You Should Ponder Your Death - Bishop Robert Barron

Video from Bishop Robert Barron

Why You Should Ponder Your Death - Bishop Robert Barron

"Friends, death is a topic most of us try to avoid. So, why does Catholicism teach we should meditate regularly on our death? On today’s episode of “The Word on Fire Show,” Brandon Vogt and I discuss the ancient Christian practice of memento mori (remember your death), and how Christ solves the four problems that death poses to each of us: identity, futility, loss, and the end of earthly joys. A listener asks, what should Catholics think about near death experiences and stories? 00:00 | Intro 01:22 | Bishop elected to October Synod 03:03 | Memento Mori 05:30 | Why do we push death to the peripheries? 08:35 | Media's portrayal of death 11:28 | The Bible’s ultimate message about death 15:43 | The problem of identity 16:55 | The problem of futility 19:49 | The problem of loss 22:33 | The problem of earthly joys 25:10 | How should we prepare for death? 26:30 | Listener question 28:43 | New book - "Understanding the Hillbilly Thomist" by Fr. Damian Ference" from video introduction


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