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Will There Be ANOTHER Charismatic Renewal? - Ralph Martin

Video from Pints with Aquinas

"...Does John of the Cross Condemn the Exercise of the Charismatic Gifts? We know from reading John that one of his major concerns is pointing out how anything less than God Himself, in the Beatific Vision (or in certain forms of spiritual communications that themselves are actual participations in such union), can function as an obstacle – blocking, slowing us down, or deflecting us - from progress towards the ultimate goal of such union. One of his very important contributions is his laser-like insights into how even most spiritual experiences can function as obstacles to union with God, if we seek them or cling to them. John acknowledges that God gives these experiences for various reasons, including our human weakness, but encourages us not to cling to them, but to allow the grace of them to effect deeper faith, hope and love in our lives. It’s important though to note a critical distinction between spiritual experiences that we are the recipients of, given for our own spiritual growth (consolations in prayer, spiritual delight, various types of visions, locutions, raptures etc.), and spiritual experience, that we are supposed to be the transmitters of, for the sake of the growth of the church, or the work of evangelization (words of knowledge or wisdom intended for others, healing gifts, miracles, prophetic words, tongues and interpretation, gifts of generous giving, gifts of administration, gifts of teaching and preaching, gifts of “helps,.." from the article: Charismatic and Contemplative: What Would John of the Cross Say? Ralph Martin

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