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Will We Be the "Weight of History" or Those Whom Bear the Weight in Repentance?

The World As We Knew it - Is Over Perry Stone

Video from Perry Stone

"We are crossing a new line where the old world is dying and a new and dangerous world is emerging." from video introduction

(The above video I believe is right on with its view of Americas and the worlds decline. I personally find Perry Stone and Voice of Evangelism Ministries to be over the top most of the time. But in all fairness I find this video to be helpful.- Andy)

To be the "Weight of History" (a burden) is to be among the people who have repudiated God and sought their own way. They wish to be there own God.

All of us have made that decision. Right now we have either chosen to pursue God and repentant or we have chosen to flee from God and live in our sin.

If you would look objectively through the Bible and also through secular human history you would see the pattern. There is no denying that when people choose virtue, good and righteousness through God their nation flourishes. Israel is the perfect example of this principle.

Yet as we can see in America we are blind to this reality and our own fall into sin. As individuals many of us has chosen lawlessness, sin and evil over good, over God. We have become dumb and blind to reality.

What are you doing today? Are you a burden on history and our nation?

Our current political climate with the evil of liberals to to the left and the evil of the so called conservatives on the right we are a house of cards in collapse.

Yet through Christ, the Person of the Holy Spirit and the Saints (faithful Christians) God preserves the world and saves the nations from the full weight of their history.


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