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Will We Choose "The Good" Over What The World, The Flesh & The Devil Desires for America?

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Christianity is Declining in America

The Time Has Come for those we elected to be in our government who have perpetrated evil, fraud and selfish ambition to be held accountable.

But that means WE also must be accountable to God.

We cannot continue to claim to be disciples of Christ and at the same time pursue, promote and condone evil and prideful actions and policies.

This includes politicians on the left and right.

Right now the evil politics of former President Trump must be reckoned with, including those around him that perpetrated (and continue to do so) acts that are criminal and treasonous well on a par if not far above the crimes of the Nixon administration.

The excuses of Trump got Roe repelled so whatever he did or does is excused are not morally acceptable.

Trump has exhibited the worse traits a man can show, he is a disgrace to our nation. All of the good things he has done, all of the economic gains he promoted have been erased by his vile behavior.

We as Christians for the most part seem to have lost any moral knowledge we had. We are weak and shallow, ignorant of God's word and in the main practice secular thinking.

Do you want to turn this around? Focus on Christ, confess your sins, repent and seek the good of the people around you and in your community. Leave behind this evil political obsession that has infected our nation.

The following article helps give us perspective on what and perhaps why we are wher we are today.

The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge

Exploring Dallas Willard’s parting diagnosis of our cultural moment

"Perhaps it goes without saying that we live in a time of moral bewilderment. Similar to the time of Isaiah, persons can easily call evil good and good evil (Isa. 5:20). Indeed, part of the moral perplexity of our times is that there are persons on opposite sides of a variety of social issues who would agree with that analysis. What one side believes to be “good,” the other side calls “evil,” and vice versa. This is truly a morally bewildering time.

In his 2018 posthumous publication, The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge (Routledge Press, June 2018), Dallas Willard puts forward an explanation and points toward a way out of this cultural situation. Of course, Dallas was a close friend, teacher and mentor of many at Talbot and Biola. If you had the opportunity to be around Dallas in the decade or so before his passing, there is a good chance you heard him speak of a book project he was eager to finish — The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge (hereafter, DMK). The seed for this book was planted in a talk Dallas gave at Biola in 1998 entitled “The Redemption of Reason.”

It is important to make clear that DMK is written to academics, particularly ethical theorists and historians of ethics. It is not a book on spiritual formation, neither is it specifically addressed nor particularly relevant to Christians. Nevertheless, the general thesis of the book has interesting implications for how we might think about the various breakdowns of moral discourse in our contemporary culture as well as how we might teach morality in light of the disappearance. To that end, I will provide a brief overview of what Dallas means by the disappearance of moral knowledge, a couple of his suggestions for rehabilitating moral knowledge, and close by developing three implications for Christian moral instruction.

What is the disappearance of moral knowledge?.." from the article: The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge


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