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Women as Church Leaders & Pastors? (Part 2)

Video from Doctrinal Watchdog

In this video from 2019 Pastor John MacArthur rebukes female preachers and those that agree with them.

If we look at human competence male preachers/elders have no edge over women in my opinion. There are many incompetent and foolish men out there purporting to be preachers etc. as are there many women who are not competent. MacArthur points to some in his video, I agree.

He also states that Women Preachers are obvious evidence of our rebellion against the Bible. MacArthur says they are a disgrace.

Video from Desiring God

Why don't women read or pray in Bethlehem's church services?

"Piper argues that women should not preach in the local church, even under the authority of the elders, nor should they regularly teach Sunday School to a mixed audience. I will argue here, over against Wilson, that Piper is right, and his answer is well stated.

Let me say up front that I rejoice that Wilson believes, as Scripture makes plain, that women should not serve as pastors, and I have often profited from Wilson’s writings in other areas. He is a friend and colleague in the greatest cause. Still, on this matter, I think he missteps, as I will explain below." from the article: Why Not to Have a Woman Preach

A Response to Andrew Wilson

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